Sunday ride to complete week

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So this week we turned up the gas a little bit with regards to intensity. Up to this point its been a very manageable workload, just a matter of putting the time in w/o having to stress the prospect of a tough workout or two looming on the horizon. Quite contrary it was difficult to ride that slow and initially I was not sold on the idea of noodling around for 4 hours on Sunday mornings. Well those times have past and now let the doom and gloom begin because the free rides are over and it’s time to embrace the suffering.

This mornings ride started later than anticipated b/c the roads were very wet so we had a family breakfast and didn’t start riding until almost 11:30. Ever notice how long it takes to get ready? By the time you make bottles, find hrm strap, booties, base layer, arm & leg warmers… it seems like an eternity and inevitably you will have to use the restroom once finally dressed. On any given day in the fall/winter it takes 15-20 minutes to ride out once one starts getting ready but I digress.

Saw a friend on the road at about 1 hr in, he turned around and we rode together until 1.5 hrs (time for my intervals) so he split off and I started my first 15 minute interval. Of course as soon as I started there was a group about a minute ahead of me and once I caught them they wanted to turn up the gas! Fine with me but I wanted to stay in zone 3 and had to let a few of them gap me off with about 7 minutes left. 10 minutes in the lead group started to fade and the group I was with reeled them in. It was the most exciting part of todays ride but they stopped at a crossroad and I kept going South. Turned around on Old US1 at Triangle Brick and started second interval into a stiff headwind.

Did ride today and felt pretty good throughout, looking forward to riding longer this coming wknd with a small group and it’s always amazing to me how this time of year recharges the expectations for the upcoming season. Looking forward to racing our local training series as well as a strong Spring calendar as well. See you on the road