Indoor Cycling

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A lot of bicycle racers have time constraints due to career, family, climate… and turn to an indoor trainer to complete their workouts. A few embrace the trainer while most dread the prospect of an indoor session. HOWEVER, there is good news! The trainer equipment used and temperature we choose to workout in can make a difference with regards to the overall enjoyment and effectiveness of each session.

After trying several different trainers, the e-motion rollers available through are the best option for me. The ability to rock slightly back and forth within the frame make them as close to riding on the road as anything I’ve ever experienced on a trainer. I also ride out in my garage as most of my workouts result in some sweating and I use a high powered fan to keep it to a minimum. If I ride above endurance pace in my 40 degree garage, I sweat. LT 2×20’s are very good in the garage at this temp w/ the fan running on high.

Having a nice set of resistance based rollers combined with cooler temperatures out in the garage and a high powered fan make for an effective workout when I am unable to get outside and ride. Having a trainer you like to ride and completing effective workouts will keep you hungry to ride more so take advantage of these rainy, family filled days by waking up early and completing the workout it takes to be effective when it’s time to turn on the gas this Season