Great Weather for a Road Ride

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When it’s two days before Christmas in the Carolina’s it’s often difficult to speculate the weather.  Today we were blessed with 80 degrees and 17-20 mph steady winds out of the SW.  Roads were much wetter than expected but it was 70 degrees so who’s complaining…  after all I remember a base layer, short sleeve jersey, alpine jacket and vest in addition to toe covers, booties, fleece skull cap, double layered arm warmers and two pair of gloves on road rides earlier this month!   Today was simply a base layer and short sleeve jersey with bib shorts!!

Did a 3.5 hr ride and had a great assist from the Wind when it was time to do the work in the last hr!!! Absolutely destroyed one of my best times on Old US1 Northbound but the fatigue set in about 5 minutes afterwards and in retrospect I probably looked like a zombie from Walking Dead that was somehow managing to keep the bike upright.  Didn’t expect to go so deep today but Nature decided to give the gift of a favorable tailwind so it was a good opportunity to put in a couple high speed efforts.  Average speed was 25 mph for 18 minutes on a slightly uphill grade, thats chump change for a Pro Tour rider but for me that’s as good as it gets WITH a favorable tailwind