Sweat Rate and Fluid Replacement

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Now that the temperatures are consistently climbing into the 90’s, a new adversary presents itself, the challenge of staying hydrated in hot humid Carolina climate. The following calculation will allow you to determine an estimate of the amount of fluids you will need during periods of high activity to keep you well hydrated for optimal energy and concentration.

Sweat Rate = (A + B) ÷ C, where
A = Pre-exercise body weight – Post-exercise body weight, recorded in ounces. (1 lb. = 16 oz.)
B = Fluid Consumed During Exercise, recorded in ounces.
C = Exercise Duration, recorded in hours.

Example: Lets call it a HOT 2 hr group ride: Started ride at 145.4 lbs completed at 141.6 lbs lost 3.8 lbs (lets call it 4 lbs) Consumed 50 oz of Herbalife Prolong hydration mix throughout ride. Exactly 25 oz in first hr, consumed another bottle in the remaining 50 minutes
lost 2 lbs per hr and consumed 25 oz Herbalife Prolong per hr
32 oz + 25 oz = 57 oz
sweat rate 57 oz per hr in hot humid conditions

Recovery Plan: Athletes should consume 16 oz fluid replacement per pound lost during exercise. Start recovery fluids and eat recovery carbs within 30 minutes of activity. Finish fluid recovery and have a full meal that includes protein within 2 hours.

For greatest accuracy, calculate sweat rate under normal workout conditions, weigh without clothing or shoes and avoid using the restroom prior to post-exercise weigh-in. Since factors like outdoor conditions, fitness level and exercise intensity affect sweat rates, recalculate when environment or fitness levels change, and/or engaging in a different type or intensity of activity