Cold Weather Clothing

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Someone once said “when it comes to cycling, if you’re cold don’t blame the weather, blame your clothing decisions”. I’ve always erred on the safe side with regards to weather and now that it’s dipping into the 20’s & 30’s in Raleigh NC it’s the time of year to start dressing warmer. When I’m doing base miles I dress warmer, I generally wear the Alpine jacket and it actually helps me with my pacing. The Alpine jacket is great for reminding me to not go too deep, if I start to sweat I know it’s time to back down into my endurance zone and the polyester shell is great at reducing the chill of the wind. I wear bib shorts as they are warmer than traditional shorts as well as full finger gloves, lycra arm/leg warmers and neoprene shoe covers. This way I am sure to stay toasty and comfortable when riding 3+ hrs.

MY RULE OF THUMB FOR WINTER RIDE CLOTHING; “It’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it” so I usually keep a jacket or vest tucked just in case!

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